Fashion designer Wilbert Das

Wilbert Das

Wilbert Das was born in 1963. He spent his childhood helping at the dairy farm of his parents in the small village of Riethoven that is situated to the south of the Netherlands. When he turned 19 he went away to pursue his dream and study fashion design at The Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem. He graduated from the academy in 1988. Then, the winds blew him to Italy, where a revolution in fashion was taking place. Renzo Rosso ( the owner of the Diesel brand) hired him and soon Das climbed from assistant male designer to director of the entire style office. In 1933 Wilbert Das was made a Creative Director which meant he was now responsible for directing all the clothing and accessory design, overseeing advertising and communications, taking care of the merchandising and also the fashion shows.

When Das was still new in Diesel the company became famous for its denim. Wilbert was inspired and decided to experiment widely with denim over the next few years. He started using many techniques to age the jeans and make them more vintage, experimented with dyes,  the position of the pockets and was the one to introduce curves. In the years to come Diesel , under the creative direction of Das, introduced new footwear, sunglasses, watches and jewellery. The new accessories soon became well-recognized and a commercial success was also present. The “Timeframes” by Diesel alone generate an income of about 100 euros a year.

Not only has Wilbert Das made a revolution in the denim and accessories line of Diesel, but he has also brought the advertising methods of the company to new hights. “Nike” chairman Phil Knight has once said that advertising now has two ages, before and after Diesel. And all thanks to Das.

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