Fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji  Yamamoto was born on the 3rd of October 1943 in Tokyo. He graduated from Keio University in 1966 with a law degree. Then he went to study fashion design in Bunka Fashion College and graduated in 1969.

Yamamoto becomes popular after his debut in Paris some 12 years later. His very own fashion lines – Y-3, Y’s for living and Y’saccs are especially popular in Tokyo. His lined are also sold in major stores in New York, Paris and other places all around the world. In 2007 his sales are said to have reached over 100 million dollars.

Yohji Yamamoto is famous for his avantgarde approach to clothing. He often creates something that is far from the current tendency. His signature is the silhouette in black- usually an ordinary black drapery with different structure.

Yamamoto became especially famous for his work with Adidas. The product of which was Y-3, one of his most famous collections. Another well-known collaborations of his are with Hermes, Mikimoto and Mandarina Duck. He has also teamed up with famous artists of various kinds- Elton John, Placebo, Takeshi Kitano, Pina Bausch and Heiner Mueler.

In 2008 YYFP ( Yohji Yamamoto Fund for Peace) is created in association with CFFPD ( China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development) to encourage the friendship between China and Japan through art, through fashion design. Every year new chinese designers can earl two year scholarships for design colleges in Japan and Europe. And chinese models, both men and women, can make their debut in Paris if they win the opportunity.

Design by Yohji Yamamoto

Design by Yohji Yamamoto

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