Fashion Illustrator: Fiona Kim

Born in Seoul, Korea, fashion illustrator Fiona Kim has always had an appreciation for the arts. In 2003, she moved to Sydney, Australia and during her high school years, she thrived in textile and design subjects, ultimately leading her to study a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles at UTS.

Over the course of the 4-year degree, her illustration techniques and skills developed. “I always had such a deep love and appreciation for beauty and creativity in fashion and I respect all the glamorous and refined trends in high fashion. I think fashion is the ultimate form of art which gets used everyday and that’s why I am drawn to it.”

Her illustration style is organic with an underlying sense of realism. She uses a number of strokes and individual lines to highlight the intensity of the image. “I really love the human touch and the personality of the illustrator that resonates through the drawings. It’s something a computer can’t generate and I think it is really important to support and maintain this level of originality”.

Favouring detailed drawings, Kim enjoys creating both portraiture and product-focused illustrations. Learning all the mediums and techniques for drawing and painting through still life and portraiture, she prefers to use minimal colours in order to give the finished illustration better contrast and focus.

“When I see a fashion image, I immediately have a vision of where I want to take it to create a particular atmosphere and mood. I look for form, line, shade and contrast to decide which medium I’ll use”.

Possessing a deep respect and love for women who are strong and confident is a key source of inspiration for this up-and-coming fashion illustrator. To be able to inspire others is a big source of motivation for Kim’s fashion career.

So what’s next for this superstar illustrator?

“I would love to explore the more commercial side of fashion illustrations. I would be thrilled to be involved with textile prints, t-shirt prints or even stationary.”

About author: Article is written by journalist Rebecca Glazer. To view more of Fiona Kim’s fashion illustrations, check out her Facebook page ( or visit following sites

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