How To Create Your Own-Tie Dye Dress

Forget hippy t-shirts, tie-dye has become a popular way to add interest to even the most sophisticated garments. When we discovered the elegant AX Paris Black and Cream Tie Dye Mini Dress it made us realise that tie dye doesn’t have to feature garish colours, but can be used to create an elegant yet edgy finish. If you fancy creating your own tie-dye mini dress, choose a simple plain coloured bodycon garment and follow this step-by-step guide:

An Introduction to Tie-Dye:

Tie-dyeing is a way of folding and then dying a garment to create bursts of colour. Tie-dye fabrics first became popular in the 1960 in America, when fashion designers really embraced the process. Now tie-dye has a more retro feel, but with vintage-inspired clothing being so on-trend, creating your own tie-dye dresses and tees is a great idea!

What you’ll need:

  1. A white or light coloured mini dress, with no existing prints
  2. A ball of string
  3. Clothes dye, in a colour of your choice
  4. Large saucepan or bowl
  5. Clean stick or metal serving spoon for stirring
  6. Folding and wrapping

Take your plain mini dress and rinse it under the tap until it is thoroughly wet. Wring out the excess water. Now folder the dress, or twist the fabric, to create a series of fabric shapes which you will then tie string around to hold the fabric bunches in place. Make sure to cut any excess string off after tying securely.

Preparing the dye:

Think about the number of colours you’d like to use in your print. If you’re going for a similar look to the AX Paris number, you can use just the one colour. Cover your work surface with a washable or disposable kitchen table cloth. Next, follow the dye instructions, dissolving the dye into a large pan, bowl or bucket of hot water. Throughout the dying process you’ll want to wear rubber gloves, to stop skin irritation and relieve you from the embarrassment of coloured hands for days!

Dying the fabric:

Next dip the dress into the bowl of dye, if you are opting for several colours, dip the dress into the lightest shade of dye first. You should stir the pan occasional with the stick or metal serving spoon. Leave the dress submerged in the dye for a few minutes (the dye instructions should give you a more accurate guide on this). Then remove from the dye. If you are going for a range of colours, repeat the process in another colour dye.

Rinse the dress:

Now you should rinse your dress under cool water until any excess dye has been rinsed out of the material. The water should run clear at this point. You are now ready to carefully cut open the string knots and unfurl the dress completely. Pop it into the washing machine on a cool wash, or hand wash. You should then hang it out to dry, or if using a tumble dryer, pick a very low-heat. When dried, the tie-dye dress is now complete!

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