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Niche area: We accept article written only in the area of fashion, models, modeling, lingerie, style, fashion designers, fashion news, male models, female models, fashion shows, beauty tips, celebrity styles and other similar topics.

Donation for easy processing: We are getting lots of mail for guest posts. To reduce the burden and to separate the genuine writers, we have introduced a small donation for processing the article at $10 per article. Your donation will be used to review the submitted articles by our editorial board. Post submitted without the donation will take longer time in getting reviewed. Donations are not a guarantee for publishing the article but it will quickly get reviewed possibly within 3 working days. We will also give feedback. Please drop a mail if you have donated and submitted the article for review. Following guidelines will result in successful write-ups.
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I) Before you write

(Note: We have deactivated the auto registration because of spamming. The really interested authors can reach us via contact link on our site. Authorship will be given only on request basis by our administrator. Please give all of the following details in your contact mail.)

  1. Register yourself to our blog. Enter your name, nickname and email id while registering.
  2. Add your social ids (Twitter: like @fashionblog_bo NOT the URL; Facebook: Full profile URL and Google+: Full profile URL) while registering.
  3. Signup to using same mail id used for registration. Upload a photo in Gravatar profile (using personal photo is better). This step is mandatory.
  4. The registration is required as all articles published in our blog have author’s information at the bottom.
  5. After registration contact us to introduce yourself. This step is required for further action. We will provide you the author login access.
  6. While writing a article please follow following guidelines.

II) While writing

  1. Article Title: (maximum 70 characters including spaces). Good title encourage people to read your article.
  2. Content: The minimum length of the article is 400+ words. Write unique content that you haven’t published elsewhere. Organize your article in paragraphs with headings and subtitles (effectively use H3 tag or bold font). Don’t include any irrelevant external link in main article. If required, you can include relevant link having good information for the keyword you are linking. Affiliate links are not allowed anywhere in any form. You can include up to one personal links in the author byline. The best thing to include in a article is your personal experiences and opinions. Don’t worry about the keywords and SEO but focus on theme of your article.
  3. Summary: (maximum 150 characters including spaces)
  4. Keywords/tags: write down few keywords which best depict the theme of your article.
  5. Be precise, accurate and informative in while choosing a title and writing summary. These two are most important for SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). If you are careful in these two things then more people will come to read your articles through search engine.
  6. Avoid plagiarism: There should not be any case of plagiarism. Please submit only your original work not been published anywhere else. We will have full rights to use this in whatever way we want.
  7. Author byline: Write a short byline for yourself to be displayed just below your article.

III) After writing

  1. There are three ways for submitting your article to us – (a) submit article via online submission form given just below, (b) submit article following all guidelines in word format (.doc, .docx) through email or uploading via following online submission form and (c) saving article as draft directly through your login credentials.
  2. All authors can submit their articles at anytime for review. Submitted articles will be reviewed by us and published as soon as possible.
  3. Our editors will review the article submitted by you. If any modification (grammatical, facts etc) is required then we will do minor/major re-write and inform you. We always try to publish only those articles which are matching with the theme of our blog. If you are agreed with the changes then we will publish it.
  4. We have full rights to remove your credits and links from the article with no further notice as a result of any violation to our guest posting terms.We can even remove article from our website in case of some controversy. No communication will be accepted in that case.
  5. Please regularly visit your article page or subscribe to comments rss for that page. You should always answer comments given by readers to your article.
  6. Please don’t re-publish the same article at any other place. Once published here, it cannot be republished in any other website.
  7. We have full rights to use all articles published in our website in whatever way we want.
  8. Don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime in case of any query.
  9. That’s it!!!!!! Happy blogging……

IV) After publishing

What you can do after publishing your article on our website?

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