Mister Felton*

Birth Name: James Franklin Felton
Full Name: Mister “Nitty9000″ Felton
Alias: Mister Felton, Nitty9000, Nitty
Sex: Male
Profile id: American model
Born on: October 23, /1981
Birth place: Pontiac,Michigan
Height: 6’2 3/4″
Weight: 225
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Shoe Size: 13”
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Modeling Experiences: Digital Music producer,Part-time actor,
Hobbies: Going to Jazz clubs, Theatres, & volunteering
Your inspiration for being a model: I thought i’d give it a shot Because my friends say that i should be a model!
Areas of Modeling Interest: Art and Fashion, Beauty and Portrait
Any other interest that is not listed above:
Television series: Americas Divas International

For more information:
Twitter: NITTY9000
Email: NITTY9000@gmail.com

Mister Felton Photo Gallery

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