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Katy Perry attends her 3D movie’s premiere wearing gold ballerina-inspired dress

Katy Perry’s s ever increasing fame cannot be stopped by any since she is all the rage in the entire world. Her fans keep on adding all the time. Her milky beauty, sexy persona cum physique and her singing expertise allure the people who resultantly start falling for her. Whatever this creamy babe does is followed tremendously. She is a real trend setter.

Well, Katy was in London recently where she sparkles wearing a gold outfit hitting the space of her movie Katy Perry: Part of Me. She was looking stunningly gorgeous and ravishing in a gold ballerina-inspired dress. Her 3D movie is getting popular among the audiences.

Paparazzi did not leave any stone unturned to click the pictures of this damsel. She posed for the shutterbugs present out there to specially capture her photos. She obliged all the media attendees at the premiere talking about her 3D movie and her other singing projects to come.