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Duane Lee ‘Dog’ Chapman lands on wife’s larger chest

Showing off deep cleavage is not new with the Hollywood and world female celebrities. They all keep on doing the same to grab the attention and the camera’s bulbs. Well, this is also the shortcut to the instant fame. This surely pas off and this is the reason, female celebrities keep it up with the hot trend. Latest to join in the bandwagon is none other than Beth Chapman, who very colossally flaunted off her super ample cleavage on the red carpet of the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards taken place in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Beth’s cleavage was so deep and obviously the fact remains that her assets are extremely larger and always in talks due to the magnificent large size, her hubby dear could not hold on himself and eventually buried his head into his better half’s giant chest. They were posing for the pictures at the red carpet and during the photo session, he did the naughty thing. His wife enjoyed the naughty gesture of his 60-yaer-old oldie.

Duane Lee ‘Dog’ Chapman could not resist anymore seeing the wife’s super bigger assets and landed on his wife’s biggest bosom and kissed her décolletage in front of the photographers, A-List celebrities and attendees.