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Nicole Scherzinger loots camera attention with her huge cleavage show

The enmity between the two wonderfully tasteful sexy damsels of the entertainment globe – Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger is vivid to the entire world. But these two sirens never ever admit openly but well, the masses and the media are well aware of the hidden truth. Both the babes were together at one event where the two tried to ignite more sparks than the other by wearing hugely revealing outfits.

Recently Cheryl let the fans enjoy the magic of her singing at A Million Lights tour to London’s mammoth O2 Arena.

The enmity apparently began rolling on last year when Nicole replaced her on the panel of judges of the singing show X-Factor USA. Simon Cowel first took Cole and then dropped to take Nicole on board. Cheryl even did filming for few auditions of the show.

At Cheryl’s Whisky Mist afterparty, Nicole came in wearing hugely displaying outfit. Her cleavage was so deep that she grabbed all the attention of the media that left the central babe Cheryl behind. Cheryl too was revealing supremely but it was Nicole who looted the scene.

Nicole internally go happy as she grabbed the whole media attention which was due for Cheryl Cole.