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Tips for Acting Auditions – Follow Them and Pack Bags for Hollywood

Want to become an actor or actress – want to see you working in the biggest entertainment industry of California i.e. ‘Hollywood’. Follow the below tips and pack your baggage to shift to Los Angeles to enjoy the rest of your life being a celebrity associated with Hollywood abode.

Remember, acting audition is like a job interview. Dolling up with it aptly will bring you the lifetime perks to enjoy with and your dream to see becoming a star will come true as well.

Never to Chew the Gums

Don’t chew the guns while on auditions or even don’t try to arrive at the place having the bubble gum into the teeth. It looks cheap and it does not fit well to the role of acting for which you have come there.

Never to Be Talkative

No need to talk heavily over there since your this habit can harm you as the casting directors will not like it at all.

Always Keep Headshot with You

Always have your headshot with you and by the time you come out for the audition, make sure it is with you. If the casting director has seen your picture before, nonetheless he/she wants to see another one.

Stapled Resume – A Must

Don’t ever try to staple your resume at auditions and never use their stapler to staple the resume. Always have a stapled one with you or you may carry your own stapler along.

Excuses – Not Allowed

Never ever make the excuses if you have forgotten the script or arrived late, etc. They don’t like to hear this stuff.

Touching Casting Director – A Big No

Never try to touch the casting director while you are on the audition. They do not like it at all. Well, if they extend their hand to you – that is another thing.

Never to Crash Casting Session

Don’t try to crash the casting sessions at all. If your name has not been announced, there might be some reason behind. Your action can make you blacklisted.

Always Arrive on Time


Arrive at the place always on time. Don’t turn up late, it spoils the image.