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Madonna once again wears age-inappropriate dress

She is a true sex bomb even in this old age…she is still super classy…she is still ravishing…she us still much stunning…she still can raise the blood level in veins of the males…she has sparks to seduce the men…yes, she is still seductress even she has crossed the age of 50. She is none other than Madonna, the pop singer of international fame who ruled the world in her heydays. But even today the masses are crazy after this woman and her singing.

She has spent the life of utter stardom being the top notch songstress. Madonna’s fashion sense and her outfits were all the rage and the celebrities and common masses used to follow her up utterly. But now her dressing has started being under controversies since quite some time. On Monday, Madonna once again dolled up yet another age-inappropriate outfit which really went wrong with the lady. She wore it at the grand opening of Moscow’s Hard Candy Fitness.

Madonna is going to be 54 now and she still loves wearing the outfits which half of her age and even teenagers doll up. She was desperately seeking the attention of the paparazzi and the attendees at the event. And that showed off from her dressing. Check out the outfit and decide yourself that she still wants to look much younger.