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Aliona Vilani flaunts her toned body in floral bikini

Famed dancer Aliona Vilani is all the rage and her moves which she takes in outside world are scanned and followed in by the paparazzi. She was on Miami beach quiet recently where she flaunted off her svelte and curvy figure in a revealing bikini.

Aliona was looking stunningly dashing and most importantly quite sexier than usual. Above all, the babe was in her true elements while enjoying the beach water. Vilani, 28, showed off her super slim hourglass frame over there. The floral bikini was fitting on her perfectly.

Aliona’s bikini accentuated the toned legs and flat stomach aptly. She is originally from Russia but she is now a U.S. based since she had moved to American when she was 13.

Aliona Vilani, The Strictly Come Dancing champion, was enjoying and flaunting off the figure as she was aware of her classy body that was the central attraction of all and sundry there.