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Amanda Bynes says Chrissy Teigen is an ugly model

Chrissy Teigen is well in news headlines and on trends these days. This is because of her twitter arguments and fight with Amanda Bynes. This is not new that the fights take place on Twitter between the celebrities and this is more common with the female celebrities. We often come to hear about the Twitter fights between the women of the tinsel town. Well, for Amanda, this is not new, as she was having the same with none other than Rihanna and Courtney Love.

The former Nickelodeon star now has an altogether new enemy and she is none other than female model Chrissy Teigen. The cat fight is going on between the two and they respond back to each other instantly. This is really amazing and interesting.

When Chrissy tweeted bad about Amanda saying she has mental illness, she fought back instantly. Bynes called Chrissy ‘an ugly model’.

Amanda went on saying that Chrissy Teigen was pretty ugly model compared to her. She also mentioned to her that she was signed by Ford as a model at 13 and she was far gorgeous than her. Amanda also points out that she got offended by Chrissy’s saying about her mental illness. She says she does not have any mental illness at all and Teigen is really an ugly model who looks 45 and aged. She mentions Chrissy is jealous of her.