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Amanda Byness posts racy without the top pictures

Posting the pictures in birth suites by the female celebrities is a trend to fetch in money, get limelight, to get the shortcut to stardom and ofcourse to get huge publicity. This is what the troubled actress Amanda Byness did quite recently.

Amanda posted her racy pictures recently on Twitter which put her into limelight and she was started being discussed a lot. Now she went wilder with her super racy pictures which she posted on Twitter to let her fans and the world see and feel the heat.

The pictures show the 27-year-old babe in bathroom wearing juts lingerie but from the top she is wearing nothing at all. She covers her modesty with the cover up of her arms and hair.

In another picture, this wild actress shows herself in a tiny racy bra and skintight black leggings.

The pictures have been raising many eyebrows and ofcourse the heat, which the men can really feel.