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Amanda Seyfriend’s photoshoot – she’s learnt to enjoy sex

Amanda Seyfriend has mentioned that she has finally learnt how to enjoy sex. That’s what has been riding over the web. As per the reports, she has been taken to the most daring roles to date so far enacting the 70s porn star Linda Lovelace in a much controversial latest biopic.

The first clip or the visual has now been released for the flick ‘Lovelace’. The clip has been release online for the juicy pleasures of the moviegoers. In the clip, she is shown flaunting off her feelings about sex.

In the clip, she is found wearing a quite sexy monokini. Amanda is seen swapping her long blonde tresses. She is found chipping in with her second husband, Larry Marchiano in the clip.

The actress throws her arms up in the air in the clip and starts giggling when her hubby takes the pictures.

Her character was then found getting clad in a floral silk robe and gold earnings. She also shares her views that she has now learnt how to enjoy sex.