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Christina Aguilera shows off full figure at AMAs

Christina Aguilera – well, what we should say on her…she is a big sex piece, we all know well. And she keeps on showing off her famous and notorious curves all the time. Christina is a famed singer and yes, she holds values for her singing grabbing the attention of the music lovers and fetching in the ears on her singing notes. But apart from her singing, he fame also lies in her flaunting off the curves.

On Sunday, she showed off the curves through two sexiest dresses at American Music Awards 2012 – one was lilac gown and the other was black corset. Both of the dresses were really tight and figure hugging pointing out her notorious curves in plenty.

Her deep cleavage was on full boom. She even did not try to hide her full figure. She has gained huge weight and she looks sexiest in this full figure of her. Christina was simply breathtaking and she grabbed the attention of the paparazzi who did not leave the chance to click her photos.