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Amber Rose flaunts off growing belly

Baby bumps are not hidden rather openly and proudly flaunt off in public by the female celebs of Hollywood industry. Even they very excitedly show off the growing belly. We also witness the celebs posing topless when they get pregnant, they even do not leave the opportunity to encash their pregnant state in the media. They are paid huge bucks for these photoshoots.

Well, another babe from the tinsel town in having a bun in the oven these days and she is none other than Amber Rose who was seen emerging from Subway, fast food chain. She was openly and lovingly flaunting off her swollen belly in public.

Rose was carrying the bag of goodies. There was no sign of shyness on her face and she excitedly revealed her baby bump beneath the curve hugging white costume.

On the right side of the hemline, Amber also tied the knot that raised the length from her knee to thigh letting the people enjoy more of her flesh show. The red lipstick and the retro cat sunglasses further made her stylish and classy.