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Amy Childs catwalks wearing own range at Clothes Show

Amy Childs is a name that sparkles on the world of fashion and entertainment. She is the coveted woman of the trade with her sparkling persona, curvy figure, beauty and marvelous sex appeal. She has been enjoying being a true businesswoman. Amy has already taken over around half of Essex with her cloth stores and salon. Childs is now determined to make more marks in the field.

On Friday, the babe added more shines to her repertoire when she proved the fact that she is far more than the brains behind her businesses as she came to do catwalk modeling by herself wearing her own collection.

Former TOWIE star made everyone out there fix their eyes on her at the Clothes Show in Birmingham. She was clad in the sexiest dress out of her range. Amy was looking super confident in her own designed attire (blue sparkling outfit) showing off her famous sexy figure.

The strapless neckline showed ample cleavage. And her thighs were looking sexier than ever. The babe looted the scene.

Amy Childs says boobs’ weight is like an elephant on her chest

The very gorgeous …rather…very sexiest babe of the tinsel town, Amy Childs, well you guys will agree with me when I term her ‘very sexiest’ as she is, has said in an interview that after getting her second boobs implants, she feels as if she has an elephant sitting on her chest. Well, you obviously will feel so, as you made them much bigger and their weight would certainly be like an elephant now, hmmm.

She has increased her boob size from 32CC to 32DD. Amy, 22, had her second boob job now. Despite the big weight of the boobs and the pain she is undergoing these days after the surgery, Childs is much excited and thrilled for her sexiest curves. The operation took place last week where her beau David Peters, the former Take Me Out contestant, came to meet her up.

She admits that the second boob job hurt her more than she received first time but she says that this pain would worth it in the end.

Amy Childs launches her new collection of bikinis

Amy Childs, the Essex girl’s new line of swimwear collection is out now. Post the launch of her colossally successful fashion range that took place last year, Amy Childs has now launched her first ever swimwear collection.

Amy, 22, famous as being the Essex girl, has worked really hard for creating sexy and summery numbers which will surely appeal to the masses with all budgets and body shapes. Amy is super excited with the finished outcomes.

Talking about her new collection of swimwear, Amy tells that all of her bikinis and the costumes for swimming are aptly perfect and she loves every single item of the collection. For doing the modeling for her new collection, she even stripped off. She is now looking forward to see the babes wearing her bikinis and swimwear. She says that she cannot wait to see the gals wearing her designed bikinis on beaches and pool sides.

Her new collection is available on her website.