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Barnes & Noble censored the picture of androgynous male model Andrej Pejic’s on cover of Dossier Magazine

Andrej Pejic on the cover of Dossier Magazine

Retail giants Barnes & Noble is going to remove the cover of fashion magazineDossier featuring androgynous feminan model Andrej Pejic. This step is taken after the controversy surrounding the cover because Pejic looks “too much like a woman.”. The androgynous male model Andrej Pejic appears topless in the cover.  But 19-years-old Andrej Pejic is not happy with the decision. In an interview with New York Magazine, he said it didn’t matter whether he was male or female. ‘I think the questio nreally isn’t the gender of the person on the cover, it’s whether it’s porn or it’s art, he explained. He quoted that ‘It;s art, not porn’.