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Roman Numerals Bring Visual Appeal and Meaning To Jewelry

Jewelry is something that is uniquely personal to the individual wearing it as well as the recipient.  There is nothing more exquisite than to give a ring, pendant, necklace, or charm etched with a roman numeral marking a special occasion, birth date, graduation date, or perhaps when two individuals first met.

Today, you can have rings, pendants, necklaces, and charms designed with roman numerals either in 14 or 18 carat gold, sterling silver, yellow, white, rose, or palladium.  You can even have your personalized ring combined with two metals as well.

What is the use of roman numerals in jewelry?  For many people it is a way of signifying a special date or event.  Perhaps a couple who just became engaged might have their wedding rings engraved with the date of their wedding, or there may be an occasion where a husband and wife is celebrating their 50th anniversary and wish to have their date jewelry inscribed with a date that is only special to them.  Roman numeral jewelry can be worn discretely, and only those who understand the date will truly appreciate its rarity and the closeness it imparts to another individual.

Roman numerals in and of themselves are elegant in look and design.  They are reminiscent of days long past when the ancient Romans first used this number form.  Today, roman numerals can be found in books, end credits of movies, used after a personage such as Pope Paul XXIII, monarchs such as King Henry VIII, and as a symbol of the Olympic Games as well.

There is something familiar about Roman numeral jewelry that entices one to not only want to embrace the past, but is most appealing to those who want to commemorate a future event.

Having the ability to inscribe rings, pendants, necklaces, and charms is not only unique but having Roman numeral jewelry to wear is more than special; it says a great deal about the giver as well as the recipient.  A Roman numeral ring, while classy, can invoke memories of past and present events.  So too, a birthday gift for a friend or loved one in the form of a Roman numeral charm will be forever treasured.

These custom made Roman numeral jewelry, as mentioned at the outset, are and will always be unique to the individual who wears it.  In addition, you can easily add a birth stone or a diamond to make it a truly outstanding piece.

Sometimes it is the little things in life that mean the most, and having Roman numeral jewelry given to you by someone you love, a family member, or friend is perhaps the most perfect gift because it is designed for you and with you in mind.

Moreover, there is no better gift one can give to oneself than a gift symbolizing a special time in your own life.  Perhaps your 50th birthday, retirement, or receiving a degree from college at age 40.  It could also commemorate a person, an event, a somber occasion, and even the loss of someone you loved.  It will always be a reminder of a special time; a special place; and that special someone.

Guest Author: Amy Carrington is a fashion maven and an editor at SorellaJewelry.com. She has always been obsessed with fashion, buying her first subscription to Vogue at 12 years of age.