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Katie Price goes for fifth breast surgery

Katie Price, the woman of the glam world who is notorious for her biggest assets and the boob jobs she keeps on doing, has also been in the fame air due to her deep love with her ex-beau Argentinian model Leandro Penna. She and Leandro have broken up recently and she has herself made the breakup news also. But now the glam doll says that her ex owes her money.

Although apparently it seems that the issues between the two have been resolved but Price has spoken up that he owes her money.

She was talking to the media where she claimed that Argentinian model owed her huge money. It has also been learnt that she has gone for the boob job for the fifth time. To enhance her assets more, she went under the surgery once again for the fifth time. The fifth breast surgery left the boobs with infection which is why she had to stay at the hospital for few days. Check out her bigger assets.