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New face of Estee Lauder – Arizona Muse

No one can stop Arizona Muse. Well, she is the talk of the town and the central attention and attraction of all the leading fashion brands and ofcourse the paparazzi. The gorgeous-curvaceous-vivacious model has bagged another feature to her cap. Well, she has been roped into another beauty campaign. The coveted cosmetics brand Estee Lauder has recruited this bombshell.

The company is now all geared up to use her talents to sell their items. She will now be the face of the Estee Lauder’s skin care line and fragrance to make-up items.

Arizona has fastened the belts to give the previous recruits of the brand like Elizabeth Hurley and Joan Smith a run for their money. The news of fetching her on the board happened with a surprise bouquet presented to her. She told that she stepped into her hotel room at Paris Fashion Week and then found the gigantic bouquet of flowers from Estee Lauder welcoming her on board.

Since 2010, Muse has been igniting the fashion week with her charming and stylish persona and skills. Next on her cards include the most prominent brands of the market like YSL, Next, Prada and to name a few. But this successful model maintains to be modest by keeping the things to her.