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Jeans: Unbuttoning the Key to Happiness

The appeal of jeans is utterly endless. From those cut-off jeans worn by Jessica Simpson in that movie about the car wash, oh wait, I think it was actually about the Dukes of Hazzard, to the sleek and stylish designer jeans on the runway, denim is everywhere. And as we all know, owning the perfect pair of jeans equates to knowing the key to happiness. Luckily, there seems to be a style out there for everyone.

Denim is a fabric that has been popular for decades, and will continue to be for as far forward as we wear fabric. Why? Because it’s versatile and easy to match wit key pieces in our wardrobe. Whether you wear ripped denim shorts with flip flops and a bikini top on the beach, choose a light denim jacket to add to that gorgeous vest top and linen trousers for a boho twist or opt for dark denim with your highest stilettos and sparkliest jewelry, there is a look for you and something that you can wear again and again. It’s timeless, and that is why it appeals to one and all.

For bohemian-inspired jeans with a touch of urban flair, look no further than True Religion. Founded in 2002 by Jeffrey Lubell, these faded jeans have a signature look that’s both cutting-edge and timeless. The Bobby Flare Washed Jean for women features that classic 1970s flared leg, and that worn-in look that would otherwise take ages to get just right. Following the current trend of tight-fitting, brightly-coloured pants, the True Religion Shannon Skinny Jeans are available in neon hues like orange and yellow. You can pair these with anything from a tunic to a silk blouse to a leather jacket.

And let’s not leave out men from the denim revolution! Men love denim as much as us ladies do, and for the same reason. The versatility of denim can mean looking casual for drinks down the pub if teamed with a t-shirt, but can be jazzed up with collars and cuffs for a night out on the town, as the mood takes you. The True Religion line of straight leg jeans are casual and contemporary, with variations of blue denim and faded legs. For a more streamlined look, straight leg and skinny cuts are available.

For a more classic, streamlined pair of men’s jeans, Armani jeans has been outfitting men in chic denim since 1981. From Regular Fit to Slim fit, Armani jeans come in a number of washes, affording you the versatility every wardrobe needs. Armani jeans are easy to dress up or down, so grab a t-shirt or a button-down and you’re set for whatever scene you desire.
Whatever your choice of colour and cut, there are a pair of jeans on the market for you to fall in love with. Make sure you find your perfect denim match!

Whether you choose Armani or true Religion, Harrods bring you a fantastic collection of denim gems.

Sparkling Outfits – Today’s Hottest Trend

Sparkling and shinning outfits are once again are in heavy demand. 80s fashion trend of sparkling-dazzling costumes have hit the today’s era with vigor and gusto though the shinning outfits have been going on since the outset but there were times when they kept themselves low but it is the high time nowadays.

All the coveted designers from Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry, Gucci, Versace, Armani and to name a few – they are found designing the outfits with sparkles. The ramps are adorned with the models doing the catwalks dolling up the ritzy clothes designed by the well known designers of the trade.

The focus has once again converted to the old-chic fashion of sparkling costume or you may term it Razzle-Dazzle as well. The whole fashion industry is booming with sparkles – every other model is seen worn and wrapped up gleaming and giving the viewers shines.

Well, ladies, forget all since it’s time to shine and slaughter the masses with your killing looks swathed with the gloss.

The dazzling, red carpet costly gowns are supremely attracting the souls and the female celebs of Hollywood in particular (who love to appear dolling up gowns) have started wearing the glittering gowns. Give the world the dynamic look you possess with these gowns. Fetch them up from all the leading branded stores or directly from the designers’ outlets. The web is also filled up with these costumes to buy from there.

The metallic outfits accessorized with blank ankle boots are much in nowadays among the models of fashion world and the female celebs of Hollywood.  Don’t think if you are old, you are never old to wear the shiny clothes. So, go and buy one for you. Swanky looks always make you young and turn the youngsters more gorgeous and heart-hitting, so why don’t you follow what is going on!