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Fun And Fashion With Fabric

Many fashion stores are selling cute fabric clothing and accessories. While most of these are quite cool and funky, they can be a tad bit expensive, especially for the fashion conscious who like sporting matching accessories. To cut back on this expense and still look fashionable and exciting, invest in some fabric and get ready to have some crafty and creative fun without breaking the bank! Here are some easy fabric accessories that can be made at home with store bought fabric, recycled fabric from old shirts and dresses or left over fabric.

Fabric flower hair accessories

Fabric flower accessories have become quite a hit this season. To make these, start off by grabbing a frilly fabric of any colour it can be polka dotted, plain, striped or dyed. Cut up long and thin strips of the fabric, approximately 2 inches wide and 15 inches long. Shape one corner of the strip into a triangle and stitch it so it holds. Fold this end towards the upper corner and start folding the strip inwards to form a bud. Once the entire strip of frilly fabric is rolled, it forms the shape of a flower and using a few stitches at the bottom, can easily be tightened and held in place. Vary the size of the flower by using thinner or thicker strips and use a shorter length to get smaller flowers. These can be permanently stitched or glued onto headbands or pinned onto hats, dresses, shirts, purses and scarves with the use of a small safety pin.

Fabric belts

These are quite trendy at the moment and look stunning with loose shirts and dresses. Skinny fabric belts add class to plain outfits and can really glam up a dull look. This requires investing in wide stiff belting and a pass through buckle. The belts length should be at least 5 to 6 inches; more than the waist it is being designed for. Next cut the fabric twice the size of the belting and add another inch for sewing room. Wrap the fabric around the belting wrong side up and bring the cut ends together. Sew these together neatly and sew together one top end of the fabric. Cut away the excess fabric at the seam and pull out the belting. Finally turn the fabric inside out and slip the belting back in. Take the unstitched end and slip in the buckle, and fold the end over the buckle inwards forming a loop. Stitch this loop into place to hold the buckle.

Fabric clutches

A great look which works perfectly with dresses and jeans. To make a basic clutch bag with fabric, begin by cutting up two fabrics into rectangles of 9 inches by 12 inches. Next get some interfacing, a 5 inch ribbon, a button and iron on stones. Iron the interface onto the wrong side of one of the fabric pieces. Pin the right sides of both the fabrics together and sew around, leaving a quarter inch seam area. Stitch all around leaving only 3 inches at the bottom to turn the clutch inside out. Cut the corners and remove some of the excess seam and turn the stitched fabric inside out. Stitch the ribbon in a loop inside the 3 inches left unstitched and iron over the fabric to make it flat. Now sew neatly over the entire top area, and turn the bottom flap up and sew the sides of the bottom flap. Next sew on a button on the bottom flap for the ribbon to form a clasp with. Iron on the stones to the top flap!

Fabric Jewellery

Cover buttons with any choice of fabric and use glue to hold the fabric in place. Stick earring posts on the back and let it dry. These look great if made with polka dotted or flowery fabric. Invest in some penny sized white beads and cover these with some funky fabric. Using a thread and needle stitch these on top of a plain tank top to give the illusion of a necklace and give a plain old tank top a new look.

Flowery Fabric Earrings

These are a definite must have. Cut up six circles of an approximate 1 inch diameter. Form a cone of each one, making petals and stitch each one through the middle and then stitch them all together forming a small rose. Stitch a big pearl or any embellishment through the centre and cross stitch at the bottom to hold it together. Stick earring posts behind each with glue and allow drying. Follow these simple tips to creating with fabric and you’ll be having fun in no time!

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