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Supermodel Miranda Kerr doesn’t like being tagged ‘sex symbol’

Aussie sexy beauty, who is world famous model rather supermodel, Miranda Kerr who shot to bigger fame with Victoria’s Secret shows has said in an interview that she is not a sex symbol at all. Miranda is that gorgeous and super sexiest model of the fashion world whose sex appeal and nearly naked photoshoots always put her on headlines and she grabs the camera’s flash bulbs with all this. But she does not like being tagged sex symbol rather she loves to be tagged as the model with skills.

Kerr, 29, reveals that her being labeled as sexy and sex symbol is due to Victoria’s Secret shows since they are all about sexiness. But she says that she does not look her in that manner. Miranda Kerr has a 15-month-old son Flynn with hubby Orlando Bloom and she considers herself a good mom. Whenever her photoshoot or any pictures wearing bikinis hit the web, the fans around the world get crazy and she turns as the hot trend on the web. This shows her being sex symbol sells and she is on the scene due to her sexiness.

Miranda Kerr’s revealing white tank top makes fashion statement

The Aussie’s hot rather the hottest supermodel Miranda Kerr is the one babe paparazzi are always after putting the flash bulbs on her to click the pictures and grab the chunks to spice up their publications. Miranda is the one celeb who makes the trends on the web. Why? Because her fame level is quite high and she has millions of fans living across the globe.

Well, recently Kerr came out in public and she was going to the gym to do work out but her sexy and revealing outfit fixed every eye on her. Miranda was wearing the sexy white tank top underneath was the pink bra. Low cut skin tight stretch pants were making her ultra sexy. Miranda is the babe who makes fashion statements and with her this new outfit for work out surely generates the fashion statement to be followed. Enjoy this hot babe and her sexy persona.