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Miranda Kerr shows off her milky skin in revealing shirt

Miranda Kerr, the Aussie supermodel who is equally reputed in the world, is the one babe of the fashion world who is super gorgeous with milky beauty, curvaceous sexy body and style to rave big about. Miranda’s sexy photo shoots put her in limelight always. She is the centre of attraction to the paparazzi and the favorite queen of tabloids.

Miranda is used to carry her son Flynn around on her hip but today she carries her pet dog on her sexy hips and makes the rounds of the roads in New York. She was seen carrying her pet dog, Frankie on the roads. Miranda, 28, the sexy and ravishing model was clad with much revealing shirt thus she was picking up her dog to cover her modesty.

Kerr stepped out of her car wearing sheer navy blue blouse and underneath there was no bra at all – only the pockets of the shirts were covering her assets. She paired the shirt with a tight trousers and nude heels. After spending some time in LA, Miranda and her hubby Orlando came to New York for some work. Their son Flynn was accompanying them.