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Heavily pregnant Imogen Thomas poses naked for New!

Demi Moore was the Hollywood celebrity who had initiated the trend of posing nude being pregnant and since then the Hollywood females even the female celebs of other countries have been posing nude when pregnant. Joining in the bandwagon is none other than the famed model and former Big Brother contestant, Imogen Thomas.

Imogen is due to deliver the baby on Valentine’s Day on 14th February. Few days are left for the baby to come out and the babe has posed naked for New! Magazine. The heavily pregnant Welsh model looks super sexy and stunning rather blood-boiling in the photoshoot.

Being pregnant, Imogen looks more than sexier. She is super hot. In the photos, she just hides her modesty with her hands and the rest of her body is utterly naked.

Imogen, 30, is pregnant with her first child and she and her Australian boyfriend Adam Horsley, 26, had made the announcement for their first kid in August last year. Till then Imogen has been quite heavily in news and she loves stating about her pregnancy and now she lets you see the nakedness in pregnant state.