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Olly Murs gives autograph on a woman’s chest in Dublin

Did you see a celeb embossing autograph on a female’s bosom? Hmmmm….Yes, this has happened in Dublin where the X-Factor contestant, who has now turned a pop star gave his autograph on a woman’s chest.

Olly Murs has never ever thought of giving the women his autograph on their bigger bosoms. But yes, now it has happened in reality. Olly, 28, was recently mobbed by his abundance of fans in Dublin, Ireland when he left a radio station on Wednesday. One of the crazy fans asked his autograph on her deep cleavage.

The girl in dark green outfit dropped down her costume from the neck to have Murs’ autograph on her bosom. Initially the pop star got shocked but then he obliged her with his autograph in his usual style.

Olly, the former X-Factor contestant, is the one who came in second position in 2009, is presently promoting his third album ‘Right Place, Right Time’ released earlier this year. Well, it is really a good gesture of the woman to have his autograph on her chest…wow! The pop star too did not shy at all embossing his mark on her chest.