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How Celebrity Culture Influences Baby Name Choices

In some ways celebrity culture has always influenced the names that parents choose for their children.

Royal Names

Before the world of pop and reality TV the big thing was to name your child after a royal. Royals were the big celebrities a couple of hundred years ago and it was to them that the public looked for all the latest fashions and trends of the day. The name Adelaide became hugely popular during the reign of William IV as it was the name of his queen. The name Isabel has been popular for many hundreds of years thanks to Spanish royalty as has the name Astrid after various Belgian royals. The practise of naming your children after a member of the royal family has gone a little out of fashion but there is no doubt that when the newlyweds Prince William & the Duchess of Cambridge have children we will see a surge in the use of that name.

Vintage Celebrity Names

Naming your child after a celebrity really started with the Hollywood stars of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, James Dean and Will Rogers are all such examples. Nowadays these vintage celebrity names are going through a bit of a revival with names like Ava (after Ava Gardner) and Grace (after Grace Kelly) are extremely popular at the moment for little girls. Unfortunately names like Frank (after Frank Sinatre) and Roy (after Roy Rogers) do not seem to be having as much luck in being re-popularised.

Modern Celebrity Names

Celebrity culture has boomed over the last 20 years and we are looking to the stars more and more for name inspiration. Whenever a big name is pregnant there will always be numerous magazine articles trying to guess the babies sex and name. Recent celebrity baby names include Blue Ivy (Beyonce & JayZ), Maxi (Jessica Simpson), Luca (Hilary Duff) and Mabel (Bruce Willis). The Beckham’s introduced us to the concept of naming your child after a place (Brooklyn), the place where they were conceived no less! These names are all very cute and hopefully most parents will filter out the wild and crazy names from their list of options. Just think Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee), Buddy Bear (Jamie Oliver) and Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone).

This is just a quick glimpse at how celebrity culture has influenced and continues to influence the names that we choose for our children. 

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