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Cassie Ventura loots the scene with revealing costume in Nicki’s video

Nicki Minaj is the controversial name of the singing and entertainment industry. Why? We all are well aware that she keeps on doing the weird things and the bolder actions to stay in news and grab the headlines. Well, she has just released her single ‘Bad Boys’ and in the video, this babe has fetched on board none other than Cassie Ventura, the famed songstress who along with Nicki loots the scene.

In the video, Cassie steals the whole show from Nicki Minaj due to her much revealing high cut white swimwear. Both the girls had true fun in the video and it shows from the visuals. The reports have it that the rapper Minaj went for changing four wigs and many costumes for this video. Even she dolled up a lace bikini as well. The seductress really seduced her fans and the audiences with her sexy costumes in the video.

It is Nicki’s first single ‘Bad Boys’ have started making ripples in the media and among her fans. The video has been directed by Colin Tilley.

Nicki, in this video, makes it utterly sure that she flaunts off her notorious curvaceous body in a small string bikini.