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Kim Kardashian covers baby bump in baggy clothes

Kim Kardashian, the sex kitten and the supremely sexy woman of Hollywood trade, is as we all know a big treat for paparazzi for the juicy tidbits they want every time from her. She is pregnant these days and now the entire world including her fans across the globe know the news.

She is around three months pregnant from her current beau Kanye West. The baby bump has started showing off and the fashionista now tries to cover it up. She arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday and she was spotted wearing baggy clothes.

Kim was simply dressed this time around. She was makeup free wearing a big grey coat and a loose blue pin stripped shirt underneath.

Kim wore the big sunglasses to hide her eyes. Her long hairs were worn in a simple bun on her head.  It was not that Kim people are used to find her. She was looking so simple and there was no fashion statement at all. The passerbys on the LA airport just glanced a look at her and went away.

Kim and Kanye were in Paris few days back where they spent romantic holidays and shopped a lot.