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Kelly Brook shows off milky body curves in frilly bikini

Kelly Brook and her beau Thom Evans enjoyed the vacations at the sea recently and the paparazzi clicked the romantic and sexy moments in their cameras to show off later to their fans. The people out there too enjoyed the scenes a lot. The super steamy and sexy moments were really enjoyable and the people could not take their eyes off in particular from the top sexiest and milkiest body of Kelly who was hardly hiding her body.

Kelly and Thomas enjoyed the vacation at a boat. Brook, 32, the underwear model was spotted being utterly naughty with beau wearing a striped bikini. They were at the Italian island of Ischia. The sexy babe flaunted her curves in pale blue and white bikini that swanked pale pink straps.

Her balcony bra top struggled hard to contain her modesty i.e. her breasts and she flaunted her shape in a pair of frilly bottoms. She also wore the dark sunnies for some time to avoid the rays of the sun.

Lingerie model was on her way to let the masses enjoy her super heat. Thom could not help touching her woman time and again. Both sat in the sea and then splashed water and plunged time and again. They also got intimate in the water and kissed passionately. They were in playful mood.