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Salma Hayek’s deep low cut gown showing deep cleavage

Salma Hayek is a name that represents beauty, elegance, style, utter sex appeal and class. Ofcourse she is a brilliant actress as well. She has ruled the cinema world in her heydays and still she has strapping position in cinema industry. But on fashion front, she is spotted with aplomb. Her fashion sense is highly acknowledged. Well, she is the wife of the fashion icon Gucci’s owner. So, if she is the better half of Gucci’s owner, she is bound to display best fashion statements, which she keeps on doing.

She was there in Germany to attend the Bambi awards’ annual ceremony to celebrate the excellence in media and TV.

Her plunging outfit was much in notice. She made it sure that she made the headlines with her sexy and eye-catching dress on Thursday. In a black gown, she was looking really stunning and beautiful. The shimmering gold’s detailing on the gown made her curves more prominent. And by the way…thanks to her low cut which was showing her trademark cleavage.

Salma, 46, was looking younger than her age.