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TOWIE star Jessica Wright strips for sexy lingerie

The dusky and super hot bombshell Jessica Wright designs headlines wherever she goes and whenever this hottest babe does anything, it lands on to the news leads. TOWIE star Jessica Wright’s sizzling hot curves always put her into limelight. She has the biggest fan following and her juicy body structure makes the people fall for her. Well, she knows how sexy she is and how sexy her physique is which is why she is found flaunting it off.

Jessica now has stripped for a sexy underwear photo shoot. Yes, that’s true. The damsel has modeled for a new sexy lingerie collection for Alexis Smith. For the photo shoots, she flaunts off her marvelous curves laced in a black bra and matching knickers. The sexily designed lingerie from Alexis Smith really is super enticing and has potential to be sold like hot cakes.

This new collection has been churned out for the gals with Barbie doll like body structure – big busts and tiny frames.