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Heavily pregnant Shakira on shopping spree in Barcelona

Shakira, the super duper sex bomb and the real sex kitten of the music industry, is having a bun in the oven. This we all know well. She is eight months pregnant and the heavily pregnant woman does not want to hide herself inside or slow down the work schedules at all.

Shakira is sporting a big bump these days and she feels proud in displaying the same. She is still active as she was before the pregnancy. The 35-year-old singer enjoyed a real luxury shopping trip in Barcelona last Monday.

Although she was having a big baby bump but the babe showed that she was still active which was why she preferred walking on feet for shopping.

Shakira was looking stunning with wearing her blonde hair in a ponytail. She visited various stores for shopping.

Shakira is the new judge on the US version of The Voice. Her partner Gerard Piqué has made it confirmed that she would not slow down work wise and her new album will hit the post baby birth in 2013.