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Sofia Vergara’s bathroom and bedroom pictures might be leaked

The actress with notoriously rounded assets and sexily curvy figure, Sofia Vergara is always in news and she is the one babe who is loved to be focused by the media being their central gal. Well, this lady might find some hard time now as her personal photos have been stolen from the cellular phone of her fiancé.

She is now reportedly fighting to stop the publication of these highly personal pictures taken from her fiancé Nick Loeb’s cell phone. It is said that Sofia, 40, is not believed to be naked in the photos taken from the mobile phone but the star of the famous show Modern Family is struggling very hard to make it sure that the pictures would not be made public.

She has talked the matter to her legal team which has started working on the matter to stop the publication of the pictures. The reports have it that Sofia is not naked in the pictures but these photos show her in bathroom and bedroom. Well, struggles are on to stop them, but if they have been taken, then nothing is sure as we have witnessed many occasions like this in past about other celebs.