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Lady Gaga in complete dress – really, is it possible?

She is super controversial…she is super hot…she is super curvy…she is super stunning…she is super ravishing…she is super bombastic…she is super sex goddess – yes, she is Lady Gaga, our very own singer of international fame who lands on the fame for all the wrong reasons for most of the time. Gaga grabs the news headlines all the time for the weird actions and the bolder antics she keep on dolling up.

Lady Gaga, it is much obvious, does all the strangest things just to get the camera’s attention and the controversies she generates are also for the flash bulbs. Well, the babe, who appears in birth suit or semi naked most of the time at her public appearances, this time around hits the space in complete outfit in London, Wow!

It appears as if the lady in question has invaded the BBC’s Downton Abbey wardrobe for just inspiration. Gaga was spotted leaving her hotel in the capital city wearing a floor-length layered skirt and the T-Shirt with graphic statement. She was in London for her Born This Way tour and also to make appearance at Philip Treacy’s catwalk taken place at London Fashion Week.