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The Trifecta Of Terrible: 3 Fashion Pitfalls of the Modern Man

The Trifecta Of Terrible: 3 Fashion Pitfalls of the Modern Man

Life is tough. Between work, friends and family, it’s no wonder that such nebulous concepts like ‘fashion’ are often left on the back burner. While we may not be able to turn you into James Franco, here are three common mistakes in grooming, style and fashion to avoid at all costs.

1) You are not a Movie Star.
Unless you ARE a movie star, and statistically your probably not, don’t try to look like one. Especially, don’t try to dress or style yourself like a character you saw in a movie. A Leather jacket and wraparound shades does not a Terminator make, and unless you work as hired muscle for a bond villain, this is something to be avoided. Similarly, adding a hat from the 1930s to your daily outfit does not make you look debonair, drop it for a short haircut and save the classic cover for Halloween. Think simplicity, and perhaps trendiness, never fabulous. You can definitely look fabulous, but don’t try to.

2) Long Live The 80s, But Not In Your Hair
The 80s were a great time, but that time is past. Mullets and ‘big hair’ in general is gone, and the slicked back oiled look is out on everyone but used car salesmen. As far as accessories, Aviators are out unless you are actually an aviator, anything that looks like it came directly off the hide of a jungle animal is a no go. People can and have wrote books on the styles of today, but a good rule of thumb is that if you saw it on Magnum, PI, let it stay there.

3) You Are Not A Billboard
This is a major mistake, especially for younger men. The so-called ‘Graphic’ clothes market has been slowly expanding like a multicolored tumor across the backs of the uninformed. The jackets that look like Picasso drew on your back with glitter are completely out. Burn them, give them to someone you don’t like, whatever. Unless you are going to a very specific event, like wearing a car shit to a car club meeting, shirts with words, quotes, full front or back pictures can go the same way. Double goes for clothes with giant branding. Nike is great, but don’t leave your house with a four foot tall swoosh on your back. Some shirts have a tiny little brand on a shoulder or breast pocket and that is OK, but avoid even that in anything resembling a professional setting.

A Bonus Tip: Here is something that a lot of people tend to leave out, but can actually make a huge difference, especially in a professional setting. Befriend a tailor. Custom fitting is not the exclusive purview of thousand dollar outfits and CEOs, and the world’s best outfit can still look less than perfect if it doesn’t fit right (and it probably doesn’t unless your body type is exactly that of a store mannequin). That said, custom tailoring does add a bit to the price of an outfit, but its far more reasonable than most people think. At the very least, hit up your favorite search engine or phone book and see what comes up.

And that is as they say, that. This is by no means a definitive guide to modern fashion, but if you keep these three tips in mind, you will avoid the worst of the worst.

About Author: Jason Bates is laid-back guy who is happiest when he is out running trails outside of his rural home. He also enjoys rock climbing, cooking with his wife of eight months, and recently discovered how to save money through regular credit score monitoring with the help of creditscore.net

Makeup or no Makeup?

Some girls swear by makeup. They are the ones who would rather die than go out in public without first fixing their face. Others however, contend that makeup is a nonessential item, something that society tells us that we need, when really we don’t. Like it or hate it, there seem to be some solid arguments that exist in either direction. If you are still unsure as to where you stand in this debate, take a look at some of the points that follow, and hopefully they will help you to make up your own mind.


The first advantage of wearing makeup, and the one that is most argued by makeup lovers, is the effect that it has on how your face looks. Rather than changing your face completely, the point of makeup is to accentuate your most positive features. If you know how to apply it properly, it can make a huge difference to your look, without challenging the integrity of your face.

Health Benefits

Whether you wear full makeup or not, or you are a man or a woman, you should always be taking care of your skin. Makeup can help as moisturizers add much-needed moisture to a person’s face. Most face makeup also has some SPF in it, which is recommended as vital protection from the sun on a daily basis.

How Do You Feel When You Wear Makeup?

One of the most important parts of your decision will be how you personally react to wearing makeup. Some people love the way that it makes them feel – confident, protected, beautiful. In the other hand however, there are some who say that makeup makes them feel uncomfortable, that they feel artificial when they are wearing it.

Time and Money

Another disadvantage to wearing makeup is the sheer time that it takes to apply it. If you want to wear makeup, you have to be ready to get up just that little bit earlier everyday in order to apply it each morning. Aside from just time, there is also the issue of money. Are the benefits of wearing makeup worth the cost it takes to replace it regularly.

So now that you are more aware of the reasons why some people do and some people don’t wear makeup, you can make a decision of your own. The most important thing to remember is that it has to be a personal choice, regardless of outside factors. The best thing to do is to try it out. Get some makeup, learn how to wear it, and do so for at least a couple of weeks. If you still do not like it at the end of the fortnight, you can simply stop! The choice is up to you, but you never know until you try.

About Author: Charlotte Rince is a writer for How2becomeapoliceofficer.com. She helps students interested in  how to become an fbi agent to find the best online education for them.

5 Tips for Summer-Proofing Your Makeup

Ladies, we’ve all been there! We put on our makeup in the morning before we head off to work or school only to have it all slide off by noon under the hot summer sun. Luckily, there are ways to keep your beautiful face on throughout the day, even in the middle of the summer. Here’s how:

Use Primer

Primer for your face is just like primer for your walls: it helps keep your foundation in place. The good news is that using primer won’t make you feel like you’ve got an extra layer on your face. Primer is very light and has the added bonus of acting as a moisturizer as well. If you use foundation to even out your skin tone, try a shaded primer in yellow, green or purple.

Switch to Tinted Moisturizer

When summer is coming and you decide to pack up your bulky sweaters and wool tights, pack up your winter makeup at the same time. Heavy foundations, much like heavy winter clothes, should be put away when the weather turns warm. Switch over to a tinted moisturizer to add a bit of color to your face. These sheer formulas will slide over your face, providing coverage without giving you a cakey look. If you need an extra bit of spot coverage, try applying a small amount of loose powder over your moisturizer.

Bronze Correctly

Bronzer is not meant to be used to cover your entire face. Instead, concentrate on the areas of your face that the sun naturally hits: your forehead, nose, chin and cheek bones. Look for bronzers that are made with varying colors; they’ll swirl together when you use them and give you a more natural look. If you pull your hair back, or have your hair cut short, don’t forget to dab a bit of bronzer on your earlobes and neck.

Lose the Stick

Once the weather turns warm, heavy lip colors lose their appeal. Switch over to tinted lip balms or sheer glosses. These light formulas will add color to your mouth without giving your face a too-heavy look. Fresh faces are in when the season changes from winter to spring, make sure you’re keeping up with the trend!

Give Waterproof a Try

If you’re like many adult women, you don’t use waterproof mascara. The waterproof mascaras of yesterday were dry and cakey, not to mention an absolute horror to wash off. Today’s waterproof mascaras are gentler on the eyes and have great staying power. If you still can’t make yourself switch over to waterproof, at least use one light layer over your regular mascara to give yourself protection from flaking during the humid weather.

Just like you have seasonal wardrobes, you should have seasonal makeup. When it comes time to pack away the winter clothes, head to your vanity and pack up your makeup as well. Now that summer is almost upon us, it’s time to switch to sheer coverage and waterproof formulas to ensure a look that lasts as long as you do!

About Author:  Sara Roberts is a freelancer blogger who writes about saving money, budgeting, and avoiding debt. She’s also a regular content contributor for online eyeglasses retailer Just Eyewear.