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New Uses For Old Beauty Products

Makeup is a product used by many women on a regular basis. Unfortunately, cosmetic products can get used up or become old and get thrown away. What many people may not realize is that used makeup containers and old cosmetic products can be given a second chance. Here are few unique ways to re-purpose old beauty products.

Resurrect that Body Sponge

Body sponges are a favorite shower accessory for many people. Once they start to get old, they are easy to throw away and replace. Instead of throwing them out, consider their initial purpose. Sponges are used for their effective cleaning ability. Just because they are too tattered for shower use does not mean they are useless. These old sponges are great for house cleaning. They can be used to clean just about anything and re-using them can prevent the need for buying more.

Mascara is Not Just For Eyes

There are numerous ways to re-use mascara. Clean the makeup from the wand and it becomes a great tool for highlighting hair. It can also be used to remove dirt from objects like small toys and can clean certain jewelry. Anyone that has out-of-control eyebrows that need taming will find that the brush is good at fixing messy eyebrows. There are so many uses for the mascara wand; it might as well be a magic one.

Create Storage Using Empty Boxes and Containers

It is easy for bathroom counters to look cluttered. One of the ways this clutter is easily eliminated is with the use of storage. Makeup pallets, once they are empty, are ideal places to store any broken pieces of cosmetics like blush and eye shadow. Contact lens cases can be used as storage for small items like fake eyelashes and vitamins.

Make a Room Deodorizer from an Empty Perfume Bottle

A good fragrance can go a long way, especially if that scent is used as a room deodorizer. Old perfume bottles will still contain the scent of the fragrance once occupied it. Just remove the cap from the bottle and place it in a room. Doing this lets the trapped fragrance seep out and the room will begin to smell like that scent. Because perfume bottles have aesthetic appeal, they also add a decorative element to the space.

Creative Re-Purposing

While makeup and crafting might not be thought about as a natural duo, but the two make a good pair. If there is a can of old hairspray around the house, do not throw it away. Hairspray is a great way to prevent chalk and oil paint smudging on artwork. Save the small brushes that come with makeup kits. They can be used in applying glue, glitter and other arts and crafts needs. Anyone interested in making a cute, small handbag can recycle old cosmetics bags for this craft. Adorning them with glitter, bows and other embellishments can transform old cosmetics bags into new, fashionable ones.

Re-purposing old cosmetic products is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfills. Not only can recycling be an environmentally-friendly alternative to waste, reusing cosmetics can serve multiple purposes around the house. Use the previously mentioned ideas as inspiration and find other ways to make old products new again.

Cindi Lewis writes for GLOSSY a hair care brands and beauty products online retailer.