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Benefits of water – drink it to stay healthy and fit

Water is much necessary in our life. The good amount of intake of water makes us healthy and protects us from various diseases by keeping us fit and strong as well. One cannot imagine how many benefits are involved in drinking good amount of water every day. Even you can toss your migraine medicines and the pain killers aside since it eliminates the pain in body.

The water’s role in the body is tremendous. It is said that the human body depends largely on water and medical science says that the body depends around 55% to 78% on water (depends on the size of body). Medical science also says that two third of human body comprises of water since it becomes the main part of the body. It is really astonishing to know that the human body’s tissues and organs are made of water. The percentage of the same is as follows:

  • Muscle – 75% water
  • Brain – 90% water
  • Bone – 22% water
  • Blood – 83% water

Water’s functions inside the body are many – some are mentioned as under:


  • Makes the transportation of nutrients and oxygen into body’s cells
  • Get the lungs’ air moisturized
  • Utterly helps with metabolism
  • Makes the protection of human body’s important and main organs
  • Helps the body’s organs to soak up nutrients
  • Controls human body’s temperature
  • Makes the protection of body’s joints

It is a fact that human body’s every cell needs water which is why it gets vital to drink good quantity of fluid. As human brain comprises of 90 percent of water, so if you are unable to provide the required quantity of water to brain, it will not function properly and as a result you will witness the pain in head or find migraine.