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Beyoncé shows off faux nipps in Belgrade

Well, Beyoncé is the woman, we all love a lot. She is loved for many reasons mainly being the ones – she is super sexy, curvaceous and trendy apart from her singing. She loves floating on the headlines and she keeps doing the same all the time.

This time around, she seems more interested in fetching in the camera’s attention. This is the reason that she dressed up in a manner which captured every eye from masses to media persons. Yes, this happened in Serbia, Belgrade, where she went for flaunting off her singing skills and more importantly her body. Yes, instead of showing singing skills, she was more interested in showing off her body.

She wore the raciest costume ever on stage. Beyoncé, 31, dolled up a gold sequin-encrusted bodysuit laced with a pair of trompe l’oeil breasts utterly completed with protruding nipples. The faux nipples took all the attention and everyone was seeing at her assets than listening her singing. Guess – she does not have now confidence in her singing skills.