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Coco Austin flaunts bigger assets at peepshow

Coco Austin – is there any need to define or introduce this sex bombshell to you guys…? Hmmmm….! You all know her supremely well and she is the central focus of all and sundry. Reason – she is super sexy with bigger derriere, largest assets, narrow waist and curvy physique. This is the definition of this sex kitten from the world of entertainment.

Coco loves to sail through the headlines, which is why she appears on the beach and the events wearing nothing but just skimpy outfits which reveal her entire body almost. She loves flaunting her assets and modesty. She is not the one who hides their modesty since she would love to flaunt it off.

The wife of Ice-T, Coco made her debut performance in Peepshow on stage on Monday night where she let the audiences see her juicy assets and curvy physique in plenty.

She unleashed her voluptuous curvy body at Sin City’s Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. She posed for adult topless vaudeville.

Coco went for showing off her classy figure in scantily naked lingerie and matching fishnet stockings. She went on for teasing the audiences with her notorious bigger assets.

Ice T’s sexiest wife Coco Austin shows off bigger assets and rounded bump

Ice T and his notorious wife (notorious in a sense that she is famed for her hugest bigger bum and hugest giant pair of assets) Coco Austin are always on the headlines and they are the focus of the paparazzi in particular for the tabloids. The gutter press is always after these two to grab the spicy chunks. If they do not find the spicy gossips, they click the pictures of the bombastically sizzling bigger assets woman to adorn the tabloids. Well, her pictures are pretty enough to raise the sale of the publications if no content is available on them.

Well, this giant sized melons woman Coco Austin was at the premiere of her husband Ice T’s rap movie ‘Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap’ in London on July 19th where she fetched in the whole limelight. Even her husband, whose movie’s premiere was going on, could not get the camera’s attention what his sexiest wife received.

She flaunted off her notorious body curves in particular the d-shaped rounded bum and the deep cleavage showing off almost the whole assets. She was hardly hiding her modesty.

In a picture, Ice T proudly puts his arm around the waste of her wife who struggles really hard to get close to him due to her giant size assets. For posing for the cameras, Coco even showed off her rounded bum more.