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Kim Kardashian reveals her bigger bum

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dating quite strongly. Kim, after her divorce, found this man in her life – this is the new addition to Kim’s list of boyfriends. Let’s see and wait till how long this ‘Prince’ (who she calls her prince) would last long with her? Kim is notorious for changing the beaus and she stays not long with any – enjoys life fully and then the breakup happens.

Kanye, who is a rapper, has written and sung a song which he labels to his girlfriend Kim Kardsahian. Being labeled as someone’s b**** is considered an offensive word but in Kanye and Kim’s dictionary it is likeable and enjoyable.

He proudly expresses that he has penned a song on her girlfriend. The song ‘Perfect B****’ is in tribute to Kanye’s girlfriend.

Well, Kim has recently revealed her curves and body parts in plenty on the roads of Los Angeles. She was clad in a clinging all-black lycra outfit. And you can easily see her assets’ view and her notoriously famous bigger bum’s view from the outfit. This was really a mouth watering view for the people out there and paparazzi took full advantage of capturing the babe.