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Paz De La drops bra and lets you see nipps

Stripping in public is much common. Often we see the ladies in particular female celebs who go stripping in public and most of the time, this stripping happens because of the camera’s attention. Well, it is not new if you see any female doing so in front of you. The celebs are quite used to being naked and they also do the naked photoshoots. They pay a lot in return.

Joining in the bandwagon is a female celeb Paz De La who did an altogether a weird act of nudity in public recently. She already has the weird reputation of doing the unpredictable things. Paz De is the former Boardwalk Empire star, who was in her true elements when she changed her bikini right in the center of the public at a car park.

While changing the bikini, La also lit the cigarette and then dropper her bra to reveal her nipps in Mimai. She then went to the public bathroom.

If you find this new and unique…then you are absolutely wrong since this has been happening since the very outset. Female celebs would love to do so. Keep it up babes!

Helen Flangan takes shower in bikini – lip smacking figure

Helen Flangan, the very beautiful and above all the most sexiest babe of the tinsel town, has always been on news due to her sexy curves and wilder antics she keeps showing off all the time. She is now the contestant of the reality show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here Her presence in the show has been pretty much liked by her fans and the people would love watching her on screen since she endows them with juicy and lip smacking scenes to enjoy with.

Ever since it was announced that she would be the part of the reality show, masses were expecting her to show her skin show and sexy bikini body. Well, the same she is doing in the show.

She shows her bikini sexy body while taking showers in the fiesta. Check out her marvelous sexy and killer curves in these pics revealing her classy body rather drenched physique in revealing bikini.

Helen raises the heat among the guys for sure. You guys…enjoy your heat seeing this super sex doll’s drenched body.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson shows sexy figure in bikini

The celebs whether they are from the glittery field of entertainment, fashion or any other walk of life, they certainly make their face towards the beach. In particular the entertainment personalities go to enjoy the splashing of the cool beach water and the sand of the beaches.

Besides the fun and holidaying at the beach and on the waves of the ocean, the celebs are widely aware of the fact that their every move over there is scanned by the sharp cameras of the paparazzi which is why they prefer enjoying holidaying at the beaches.

The latest to hit the beach is none other than supermodel Elle Macpherson, who hit the beach few days back in Majorca with her family. She was looking ravishingly stunning and sexy in the most revealing bikini. This two-piece fitted well on the slender body of Elle. The mother of a baby looked super sexy playing with the water.

Elle is really gorgeous and sexy and you cannot say that she is a mother of one baby.