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Jessica Simpson shows off creamy-curvy legs in black tiny shorts

Coveted singer Jessica Simpson flaunted her toned legs in black tiny shorts and the paparazzi did not leave the golden chance to click the most gorgeous and sexiest woman of Hollywood planet. Jessica is on way to lose weight after giving birth to her first kid.

Simpson showed off the progress that she was gaining bigger results to eliminate the extra flesh on her sexy body which was once the talk of the town. She came out wearing tiny black shorts and showed off her creamy curvy and shapely legs widely at Saks Fifth Avenue over the weekend.

Jessica Simpson, 31, gained more than 210lbs weight during her pregnancy and she is now struggling and working hard to come to her pre-pregnancy shape again. She was spotted putting her blonde tresses in a ponytail and finished the look with larger accessories, pyres, sunglasses, hood earnings and black strappy wedges.

She was looking handsomely stylish and more than sexy to slaughter the men. Her creamy curvy legs were really shaking the breath flow of the men.

Jessica gave birth to son on May 1st earlier this year from her boyfriend turned fiancé Eric. The weight watchers have reportedly paid $4 million to Jessica to come to the target of 130 lbs weight.