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Miley Cyrus shows off new blonde tresses

Miley Cyrus, the babe who has been on the headlines and is the hot topic of the gutter press and the tabloids for last few years due to her weird and brave acts, has now gone blonde. And this has really created the news leads for this hot lass of the tinsel town. Few days back, Miley was in news due to her alleged affair with her manager as they both enjoyed the swimming together getting close and intimate but the babe denied all the reports.

She has been gradually changing her tresses’ color over the last few months or so as she went from brunette to auburn. Now she emerged in Los Angeles with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth showing off her hairs’ new color ‘blonde’. She has now made the transformation to blonde. Yes, that’s true.

Cyrus herself tweeted her picture with new blonde hair. She says that now she has turned blonde and now she can pose the duck lips in every picture (she jokes). Miley Cyrus and Liam have been dating for last few years and in between the two broke up but then again reunited.