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Lucy Mecklenburgh shows off toned body in blue bikini

Well, she is sexy undoubtedly and she has the curvy body to slaughter the men. Lucy Mecklenburgh had gained weight during Christmas and New Year days. She told to her followers on Twitter that she gained 7lbs during Christmas and New Year occasions. She showed her worries and depression over the matter.

Then she vowed to fans that she would come back to her pre Christmas and New Year shape and now she has acted on her promise as Lucy has shed the 7lbs off her body.

She flaunted off her toned up body and svelte body structure while on romantic vacations with beau in Mexico recently. She wore the frilly blue bikini and enjoyed the vacation with boyfriend.

Both enjoyed the ocean’s waves and then landed on liplock and chatted with other pals along with them. It was an utter romantic vacation and Lucy took full advantage of the same.