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Delta Goodrem’s style with blue mirrored sunglasses

Delta Goodrem is a classy woman and yes, she is! Just see her and you will yourself admit it. She has a class and beauty that is admirable. Recently Delta dinned in the well known place of Beverly Hills where you can find all the bigwigs of Hollywood who come and dine there and even go shopping there.

Delta came there and made it utterly sure that she would stand out among the whole crowd there with her costume, sunglasses and accessories.

The Aussie singer was spotted with a pal at the restaurant of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump. The babe was looking strikingly beautiful and she was hiding her eyes with blue-mirrored sunglasses. She accessorized the sunnies with turquoise jewels.

She jazzed up her black outfit, the leather A-line skirt with black T-shirt and blazer. She also wore black ankle boots. She was really slaughtering the people and stars out there. She was the central attraction and she made it sure that she would be all the time she stayed there.