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Paz De La drops bra and lets you see nipps

Stripping in public is much common. Often we see the ladies in particular female celebs who go stripping in public and most of the time, this stripping happens because of the camera’s attention. Well, it is not new if you see any female doing so in front of you. The celebs are quite used to being naked and they also do the naked photoshoots. They pay a lot in return.

Joining in the bandwagon is a female celeb Paz De La who did an altogether a weird act of nudity in public recently. She already has the weird reputation of doing the unpredictable things. Paz De is the former Boardwalk Empire star, who was in her true elements when she changed her bikini right in the center of the public at a car park.

While changing the bikini, La also lit the cigarette and then dropper her bra to reveal her nipps in Mimai. She then went to the public bathroom.

If you find this new and unique…then you are absolutely wrong since this has been happening since the very outset. Female celebs would love to do so. Keep it up babes!