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Models in trouble in Israel, as new law forced to prove the weight standards

Israeli government has passed a unique of its kind law for the country’s models which forces them to show health records and meet the weight standards. With this law, Israel has now become the first ever country that has passed the legislation of banning the usage of the models who are underweight. The models, who are underweight, would not be used in any local ads or publications.

As per the new enforced law, the models in Israel have to prove that they possess the BMI (Body Mass Index) higher than the required by the WHO’s (World Health Organization’s) indication of malnourishment (18.5). They models are required to prove it all and provide the updated medical report (not older than 3 months) at the photo shoots. In addition to this, the publications and ad companies too have been strictly notified not to use the morphed images of models to show them thinner.

This new law does not apply to any foreign publications sold in the country. The fashion circles say that Israel’s strict law makes sense since it has a tiny fashion industry in the world so they can take this step now. Other countries too have these kinds of legislations but the application is less visible because they have larger fashion industries. In Israel, there are 300 professional models working in the country and among them, few works in international market.